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Friday, June 19, 2015

YoWindow Weather v1.7.13 Direct links

By : Mobd3
On : 1:37 PM
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YoWindow Weather v1.7.13

YoWindow is a very unique brand new weather app. The actual magic associated with YoWindow can be a located landscaping which shows ones true temperature. In particular, whether or not it's pouring -- this rains within YoWindow.

The sunset & the sunrise in YoWindow takes place with precisely the same time like actual life.
Nevertheless the great thing will be you possibly can scroll time frontward. Only swipe your display and you will probably observe how the next wind storm will probably modify each day.

All the temperature when you need it. The thing is the existing temperature, your estimate regarding right now and also for a number of days and nights forward.

Advanced scenery modify depending on the time of year. The actual fine art was created as a result of the littlest aspect. Select a landscaping which meets best for the region.

YoWindow can be a windows in your bank account =)
The next wind storm estimate will be supplied by yr. no and also NWS -- the key meteorological corporations.

Watch weather with the pleasure!
YoWindow team.

What's New
☁ Was the pressure displayed wrong? Now it's fixed.
Sea level pressure is default now. To change this go to "Settings/Units/Display pressure for".
- Clock widget: tap time to open Alarm clock, tap date to open Calendar.
- Unit system management redesigned.
- Product quality improved.

YoWindow Weather v1.6.4

YoWindow Weather v1.6.4YoWindow Weather v1.6.4

YoWindow Weather v1.6.4YoWindow Weather v1.6.4




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