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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[GAME][2.3+]Addictive casual game. Kamikaze rescue!

By : Mobd3
On : 11:09 PM
In :

Hello everybody,

I would like to show you a new game, Kamikaze Rescue

Kamikaze Runner is a new addictive casual and hability game.
The aim of the game, is to save the more people you can.

Very simple. Just touch the screen to avoid a kamikaze to jump through a window

The difficulty is increased while playing because more & more windows will be open!

Local and online leaderboards.
Infinite Level with increased difficulty

Google Play Game services integration
Sign in with your Google account to sync your scores and stars between all your devices!
Beat your friends and achieve the best position in the online leaderboards

Google Play link



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