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Friday, April 18, 2014

ThyrusHolo KIT KAT Black Theme v6.5

By : Mobd3
On : 6:12 PM
In :

ThyrusHolo KIT KAT Black Theme v6.5
Requirements: 4.0.3
Overview: Use ONLY if you are using AOKP, CyanogenMod or a similar ROM that is current and has the theme chooser installed/enabled.

Use ONLY if you are using AOKP, CyanogenMod or a similar ROM that is current and has the theme chooser installed/enabled.
CM11 (or similar 4.4.2 kitkat AOSP roms with theme chooser) is the best option for the theme. It MAY work on CM10.2, but really is only guaranteed for CM11.
If you prefer a light themed version, feel free to use the light edition of my Kit Kat theme on the market with a holo.light dialer/messaging app.
It is based on my other popular themes on Google Play, so I would recommend you check these out before you purchase this special edition.
If you use the quick response in MMS.apk, make sure you enable "dark theme" in the MMS/SMS settings.
This is tested and will work on CM10 and AOKP ROMs. Custom ROMs that deviate from these such as Paranoid Android may introduce issues as these ROMs deviate strongly and some features may not support themes.
- Works best on CM11
- In order to allow no background for statusbar and navbar, please use a custom rom that supports that (such as AOKP), I cannot theme this via theme chooser unfortunately.
- CM11 Dialer only themed when using CM11 based ROMs as of January 29th 2014 (incudes the relevant changes to make dialer themable)
Apply theme, then reboot. Reboot is also required after a theme update is installed.
Getting"improperly compiled" error?. Set to system theme, reboot, then apply.
Missing assets/screen size? Apply anyway
- Added custom white statusbar icons (for those that use a themed ROM but do not like the customizations)
- Kitkat inspired dialer
- Added a semi-transparent widget background for most system widgets
- No dividers in settings and other sub- and pop-up menus
- Themed pop-up and settings menus
- Black background for dialer and contact/people app
- Themed MMS and people app (fully themed)
- Themed Google Now
- Themed Play Store
- Themed Play Music
- Themed Browser
- Themed Gmail
- Themed Google Translate
- Themed Google Drive

What's New
- Fixed issue with music in new theme engine from CM.
- TEMPORARILY had to remove all Gmail themeing until CM fixes the issue they introduced with new Theme Engine. Not a theme issue!

More Info:


Download Instructions: released by yuki918



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