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Saturday, May 18, 2013

One Piece ARCarddass Formation v4.0

By : Mobd3
On : 11:10 PM
In :
One Piece ARCarddass Formation v4.0

Requirements: Android 2.2+

*Points of caution

●Please download and verify the program runs properly on your device before purchasing a card.

◆For customers who use ver. 1.0◆
If the steps below are followed correctly when installing, save data can be carried over to this version.
① If "One Piece F Version 1.0" is installed on your device, open the program, select "Online Bonus" from the title screen, and backup the save data on a server.
② After step 1, make sure to uninstall "One Piece F Version 1.0".
(Confirm from "Settings" -> "Applications".)
③ Download this version after the uninstall is completed.
*If "One Piece F version 1.0" is not uninstalled before installing this version, defects in save data may occur.

*We are very sorry but for users of devices without SIM cards, player data cannot be carried over.
*For users of devices without SIM cards, please remove all cards, then uninstall "One Piece F version 1.0" before installing this version.

・How to remove cards:
Cards can be removed by using Options ⇒ Remove Registered Card.

◆For customers who use ver. 1.0.1◆
The data can be transferred if the program is properly updated to the latest version.

・Devices tested: L-01D (Optimus LTE), Galaxy S (SC-02B), Xperia Acro (SO-02C), Galaxy S II (SC-02C), HTC Evo 3D (ISW12HT)
(Android OS 2.2 or higher is needed in order to use the program.)

・Please note that Japanese cards currently sold in Japan can't be used with this program.

■One Piece AR Carddass Formation (Ver4.0)

Read the AR marker printed on the back of the card, and characters pop up!
Scan the AR marker and read the two-dimensional serial code on the back of the card, and it's battle time!!
The characters on the cards come with missions. If you clear the mission and win, the character will become your ally!!
Once you've gathered some allies, scan three cards simultaneously to set up a formation and challenge a super-strong BOSS!

A new rarity SKR (Soge King Rare) and OR (Original Rare) cards with a frontal metallic finish have been added to One Piece ARcarddass Formation 04.

This program is an exclusive program to scan and play only "One Piece AR Carddass Formation" cards currently sold by Bandai.

To get the most out of this App, you need "One Piece AR Carddass Formation" cards.
※The default characters (Luffy, Zoro, Nami) can be used for a trial boss battle even if you don't own any cards.

Check out more detailed information on "One Piece AR Carddass Formation" at the Official Homepage! HERE

What's in this version:
One Piece ARcarddass Formation (ver. 4.0)

Information for the ver. 4.0 update
Additional elements:
1. New character model data
2. New boss characters included in the story
3. New big boss characters
4. Additional treasure items
5. Equipped to respond to Facebook specification changes
*All game data including the card list will be carried over during update.
The 4th batch pack (3 cards included) and vending machine pack (2 cards included) is scheduled for release on Friday, March 29, 2013!

More Info:

Install APK and put data on Sdcard\android\obb\

Download Instructions:

:zippy APK :honeypot:

:zippy SD Data/OBB Part 1 :honeypot:
:zippy SD Data/OBB Part 2 :honeypot:
:zippy SD Data/OBB Part 3 :honeypot:
:zippy SD Data/OBB Part 4 :honeypot:


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