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Sunday, March 31, 2013

File Manager v1.15.8 (Donate)

By : Mobd3
On : 10:31 PM
In :
File Manager (Donate) v1.15.8
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: Full featured file manager on Android, fresh UI design and user friendly functions!

Full featured file manager on Android, fresh UI design and user friendly functions!


* 3 sets of commercial icons for 80+ different file types, toolbar and menu items
* Multiple resolution support
* Support 19 languages
* Cut, copy, paste and cancellable progress dialog
* List and grid view for file browsing
* Compress and decompress support
* Search and share files
* Multiple selection and sorting support
* Support both local and remote(LAN/SMB) file systems
* Support FTP, FTPS and SFTP
* Play streaming media from LAN and FTP without download
* Support cloud storage including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync .
* Thumbnail for photo, video and apk files
* Support file shortcut on Home screen for easily access
* Root Explorer for rooted devices f000h
* Built-in text editor, image gallery and swf player

Keywords: file manager file explorer file browser astro wireless LAN SMB gallery file expert FTP FTPS SFTP

Recent changes:
File Manager 1.15.8
* Add support for FTP file sharing. Click "share" button in network activity to start.
* Backup donation record to Google server, no need to activate after re-install. (for android 2.2+)
* Minor UI adjust for progress notification, icons, etc.
* Fix digest auth bug for WebDAV.
Version 1.15.7
* Add support for WebDAV
* Fix SkyDrive connection error on Android 2.2.
* Fix Smb connection error with Mac OS.
* Fix HTML viewer error when click on telephone or email link.

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Note: all premium features available. no needed donate.

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