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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dragon (Hands-Free Assistant) v3.0.1 Build 76

By : Mobd3
On : 12:26 AM
In :
Dragon (Hands-Free Assistant) v3.0.1 Build 76
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+
Overview: Wish you had Tony Stark's virtual assistant Jarvis with you everywhere you go? We do too!

With Dragon you now have a Jarvis-like mini-mobile voice-enabled assistant always at the ready to deliver what you want – and fast! – with just a simple 'Hi Dragon'. Eating BBQ and need to reply to an urgent text message that just came in? Dragon's got you covered. Simply speak your reply and send! Tired of dialing long con-call numbers and complex passcodes? Let Dragon do the dialing for you direct from your device's calendar at the exact meeting start time. Have a big family or a lot of friends always looking to catch up with you – simply tell Dragon when you do – and don't! – want to share your location.

Yes – it really is that simple. And with Dragon there are no formal commands or memory requirements for getting what you want. Talk to Dragon as you would a friend you see every day. So next time you need to find a gas station -- "Hey Dragon – how about directions to a gas station near here?" Or – want to make sure you don't forget of an awesome new movie for your Netflix queue? Just say "Netflix" – and the app launches right away.

And since this is the renowned Dragon speech brand powering this app – enjoy virtually limitless voice-enabled command and control for everything on your smartphone from dialing to creating emails to launching your newest music playlist, to finding and buying movie tickets and so much more.

What can Dragon do for you today? Read on for more Dragon feature/functionality highlights:

* NEW: Sharing your location – "Tell Nancy where I am"
* NEW: Finding where you friends are – "Where's Dave?"*
* NEW: Option to automatically dial into any meetings that have a dial-in number
* NEW: Read aloud incoming text messages and hands-free "reply"
* Make a call - "Call Ashley on her mobile"
* Send a text message - "Tell John I'll be there in five"
* Create a calendar event - "Set up a meeting with Jake Barnes tomorrow at 2pm"
* Update Facebook or Twitter - "Send out a new Tweet, What a finish to the game!"
* Use maps and find directions - "What's the best way to Portland, Maine?"
* Find restaurants and make reservations - "Find brewpubs in Boston"
* Check the weather - "How's the weather look this week?"
* Look up local businesses and points of interest - "Fenway Park"
* Opening applications - "Open calculator"
* Playing on-device music - "Play Katy Perry"
* Setting alarm - "Set alarm for 6 AM tomorrow"
* And access content and information from over 200 websites with the Dragon Go! search carousel

And best of all, the Dragon Mobile Assistant is totally free to use with no limitations. Download it today and see all that Dragon can do for you!

NOTE: Some of you have reported experiencing an update issue with Dragon Mobile Assistant 3.0. We've tracked this to a technical change in the Google Play store that has affected some users upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0. If you experience a system crash when initially running the updated application, simply uninstall and reinstall DMA 3.0, and that will fix the problem. Fortunately most users shouldn't be affected, but we're determined to offer a the best Dragon experience possible to everyone.

What's in this version:
** 3/13/2013 - v3.0.1 - Bug fixes
* Please see the description or contact our support team if you have any problems with downloads or updates.
** 3/12/2013 - v3.0.0 - Update with several new features
* Share your location on a map with friends, or ask them for their location (whether or not they have Dragon on their phone)
* Automatically dial into meetings with phone numbers in calendar entries
* Hands-free reply to incoming text messages
* Bluetooth devices are now supported

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