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Monday, December 31, 2012

Business Calendar v1.3.0.2 Apk

By : Mobd3
On : 1:16 AM
In :
Business Calendar v1.3.0.2 Apk

Business Calendar v1.3.0.2

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that is synchronising with your Google calendars!

 * smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days)
 * graphical and textual presentation
 * month, agenda, day and event view
 * quickly fade in/out calendars using the favorite bar
 * search function
 * drag&drop functionality
 * configurable widgets in different sizes for month, week, agenda and day view
 * easy switching between timeline bars and event titles in month view
 * intuitive new handling option: just move your finger over some days of interest in month view to open them in the multi-day view
 * quick day overview when adding a new event
 * many options for recurrent events (e.g. to add a recurrent event that takes place every other week on Tuesday and Thursday)
 * option to link a contact to an event
 * context-sensitive help system to optimize your work with Business Calendar

 There also is a free ad-supported version of Business Calendar (called Business Calendar Free), we recommend to test the free version before buying the paid one.

 Please do not move the application to the sd card if you want to use the widgets (general limitation of the Android operating system)!

 The app depends on the reminders of the stock calendar application please make sure you have not disabled them if you want to get alarm messages for your events!

 Please notice that the application will now work with the Motorola Xoom but is not optimized for the high screen resolution of that device. Therefore some views and widgets may look quite poor on the Motorola Xoom at the moment. We are going to optimize the application for the Motorola Xoom and other (future) high resolution devices with a future update!

 What's in this version: (Updated : Dec 29, 2012)
 Complete new design!
 the design of the app has been revised completely following the design guidelines of ICS / Jelly Bean (Android 4.x)
 new action bar at the top is including a list box to jump to the main views (month, week, day, agenda) quickly
 most important actions regarding the actual view now can be initiated using icons
 new date picker: select start and end date of a multi-day event by simply swiping over the desired days
 new menu item to show/hide the days slider in week view

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