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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Michael Meyer Live Wallpaper & Clock FULL v2.3

By : Mobd3
On : 3:39 PM
In :
Halloween Michael Meyer Live Wallpaper & Clock FULL v2.3
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Brand new for 2012! Get the Official Halloween Movie Live Wallpaper and Clock!


This super scary Halloween live wallpaper, based on the cinematic cult classic that introduced the world to Michael Myers, is free to download.

Included is a nightmarish scene during a rain and lightning storm at night, outside a spooky house where the lights never stay on for long… Also, 2 different clock widgets are included, one based on the iconic film's fiery pumpkin logo and the other featuring the spine tingling mask of Michael Myers.

The app also includes a thrilling free text and email notification that screams and unleashes a virtual blood flow across your screen when an alert comes in! (Blood flow speed can be altered in the Settings Menu!)

For a small price you can unleash Michael Myers into the scene and he will lurk in various areas of your live wallpaper and surprise you when you least expect it!

Also, for purchase is a 3 ringtone bundle featuring different ringtones directly from the film, including one of the best-selling ringtones of all time - John Carpenter's legendary cult classic HALLOWEEN THEME!

Last, don't forget you can keep the fear in perpetual motion by purchasing the custom Halloween keyboard skin, featuring a bloody Michael Myers.

What's in this version:
v2.0 All new wallpaper for 2012, includes new clock widget and notifications, classic theme ringtone and others.
Note: classic mode can be accessed in settings menu.
v2.1 Added ringtone manager, improved landscape mode for tablets, minor bug fixes
v2.2 Additional bug fixes
v2.3 Better notification sound management, other minor fixes.

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Release infro:
Unlocked Ultimate Pack

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