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Saturday, June 29, 2013

FreeSMS : Free SMS to India v4.4

By : Mobd3
On : 5:05 PM
In :
FreeSMS : Free SMS to India v4.4
Requirements:1.0 and up
Overview: Send unlimited free sms to any mobile in India direct from your android phone.

Send unlimited free sms to any mobile in India direct from your android phone. The app is Quick, simple and clean.
You can send sms from free gateways like
# Way2SMS
# FullonSMS
# Site2SMS
# 160by2
# YouMint
# IndyaRocks
# SMS440
# Ultoo
You can also request me on my email to add more gateways.
To get started, you just need to have an working internet connection, and a working account on any one of the above sites. No SMS charges will be applied. You can send unlimited SMS in a day.
# Send multiple SMS at one shot.
# Get free mobile recharges just by using Ultoo in our app.
# Remembers your username, password and gateway ever or until you logout.
# Get receipt's mobile numbers from your mobile contacts.
# Choose your SMS from the in-built huge SMS collection of every occasion.
# Character limit of a maximum of 260 characters (Site2SMS).
# Your mobile number in sender ID (YouMint).
# Delivery within seconds.
# Delivery Reports.
# All operations on external server.

A special thing about this app is that all the complex operations like recognizing the response from gateway, formatting the message and numbers are all done on external server, thus saving a lot of your battery life and RAM. Also if the gateway's change the way user login and send sms, no worries, you need not to update your app, I will just fix it in the server and the app will be fine again.
Reviews :
This is not the official app and is not associated with the gateway in any manner.
>> You need to have an verified account on any of the gateway's mentioned above. To register a account just go to their respective websites.
>> We never store your account details.
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